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  • Alaskan Salmon Grease

    A byproduct of Alaskan Salmon Oil, Salmon "Grease" is great for slap sets and pipe sets.  Also works great on canines.
    From $ 6.95
  • Alaskan Salmon Oil

    100% pure salmon oil. Salmon oil is excellent for use in trapping raccoons, and mink. Often times I will use it on canines too. Apply the oil around sets and near sets...
    From $ 6.95
  • Bait-Kansas Trapline Lures

    Felines Revenge is a proven pure bobcat meat based paste bait. This bait has excellent range and has taken coyotes, fox, and bobcats with it’s enticing odor. Unique in odor...
    From $ 7.00
  • Baits-Blackies

    3-Meat: (predator paste) - Looking for a loud / putrid trash callin’ bait for fox and coyote? This ain’t it! A fresh ground (mild) paste bait of mouse, beaver and muskrat. Compounded...
    From $ 8.00
  • Baits-Carman

    Carman’s Bushwacker Fox & Coyote Bait: A very popular bait that arouses both hunger and curiosity. 8 oz. $6.00   Carman’s Sweetmeat Predator Bait: A unique bait that has appeal to all predators. 8...
    $ 6.00
  • Baits-Cornell

    Thousands of raccoon to its credit, Cornell's Old Time Trap Line Traditions Coon Bait gets results.  Use in pockets, slap sets, pipe sets, and dirt holes. Sold in pint jars....
    $ 12.95
  • Baits-Dakota Prairie

    Dakota Prairie Predator Bait is a special bobcat meat based bait that is properly aged and made with the finest ingredients.  Appeals to both coyotes and fox. Dakota Prairie Coon...
    $ 12.50
  • Baits-Dunlap

    Depredador Paste BaitHighly attractive to all predators. This bait has a beaver base and just the right touch of essential oils predators love. Location Predator BaitThis bobcat base predator bait has...
    From $ 8.00
  • Baits-Hawbaker

    Fox & Coyote Bait-Made from 100 percent wild animal meats, roasted and flavored to make any fox or coyote lick his chops for more. 8oz Jar $7.00 Raccoon Bait-Also very...
    From $ 5.50
  • Baits-Kaatz Bros

    Kellen’s Black Label Coon Bait: A very unique smoked-shellfish base puts this bait in a class of it’s own. Don’t hesitate to use Black Label on your mink line, or as a change-up...
    From $ 6.00
  • Baits-Mark June

    Mark June’s Widowmaker Predator Paste Bait: Non-tainted bobcat meat base designed to catch targeted animals. You can smell all the top-grade mink glands and beaver castor in this bait, but high grade agents like lanolin...
    $ 12.00
  • Baits-Mark Steck

    Alaskan Salmon Spread - Mink, Coon, Bear-A sticky lure/bait made from Alaskan Salmon. A fishy aroma that stays where you put it. Very edible and attractive to coon, mink, and bear....
    From $ 8.95
  • Baits-Milligan

    Flint Hills Liquid Bait: Made of the most attractive meat for fox, coyote and bobcat. This bait is liquefied in a special process, spiced up with a dash of gland, preserved...
    From $ 7.00
  • Baits-Tim Caven

    Minnesota Brand Hiawatha Valley-Long distance predator bait used with great success across the nation for the past 12 years. Aged to a good taint and is very loud. It works...
    From $ 7.50
  • Baits-Weiser Baits

    CAT MEAT PREDATOR BAIT - Same bait as above except made from bobcat.  An excellent, loud, and strong bait with totally different odor than horse.  Limited on my supply of...
    From $ 7.00
  • Bob Wilson's Green Beaver Lure

    Bob Wilson's Green Beaver Lure is loaded with castor, blended with oil and those special ingredients that bring beaver year round. This is Trapper Bob Wilsons original recipe ...dont go...
    $ 6.00
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