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  • Alaskan Salmon Grease

    A byproduct of Alaskan Salmon Oil, Salmon "Grease" is great for slap sets and pipe sets.  Also works great on canines.
    From $ 6.95
  • Alaskan Salmon Oil

    100% pure salmon oil. Salmon oil is excellent for use in trapping raccoons, and mink. Often times I will use it on canines too. Apply the oil around sets and near sets...
    From $ 6.95
  • Almond oil

    Excellent on muskrat, coon and beaver
    From $ 6.50
  • Amber oil

    A mint like fragrance allows it to be attractive to a wide range of species including muskrat, beaver, raccoon, canines, cats etc. Good for lure making or by itself as...
    From $ 5.00
  • Amberette Musk

    Ambrette Musk has a smell much like that of spring muskrat glands. Ambrette musk is used in many lures. It produces a pronounced musky smell.
    From $ 5.00
  • Ambergris oil

    Often used as a call lure for mink, coon and canines. It is very useful as a mix ingredient or carrier when mixing lures.
    From $ 4.50
  • Animal Glands

    Choose from fox glands, coyote glands , bobcat glands, otter glands, muskrat glands and 1oz or 4oz.  We are currently out of Mink and Otter Glands.
    From $ 4.00
  • Anise Oil

    Anise oil is a fantastic all around attractor. A fine reputation on muskrat, coon, beaver, bear just to name a few.
    From $ 5.00
  • Apple oil

    A strong attractor for herbivores and omnivores.
    From $ 5.00
  • Asafoetida Powder

    Direct from India pure and uncut. Potent enough to make your eyes water. A great lure or bait ingredient for canines or cats.
    $ 5.50
  • Asafoetida Ticture.

    Excellent for Canines and cats. All of our tinctures are done with pure grain alcohol.
    From $ 3.50
  • Beaver Castor (Liquid)

    Our castor is aged to perfection.
    From $ 4.00
  • Beaver Castor Ground

    Beaver castor is a universal attractor to just about any mammal. Our castor comes from northern beaver and are ground for easy use. Great for lure making or use alone...
    From $ 6.00
  • Bergamot oil

    Bergamot is used in lure formulations and alone as a lure. Very effective on coon, beaver, muskrat etc.
    From $ 5.00
  • Birch oil

    Birch oil is distilled from the bark of trees. It has a sweet pleasant odor attractive to beaver, coon and muskrats.
    From $ 5.00
  • Carrot oil

    A valuable ingredient or lure for muskrats and rabbits.
    From $ 20.00
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