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  • #1 Duke Stretcher

    #1 Duke Wire Muskrat stretcher, 7" W X 21" L
    From $ 4.95
  • 12" Wiebe Diamond Sharpening Steel

    The Wiebe sharpening steel is embedded with diamond particles. It is possibly the best knife sharpener on the market. It breezes through standard skinning knifes and handles the hardest high...
    $ 24.95
  • 5 pc Wiebe Fur Handling Package

    This 5 piece fur handling/skinning package consists of the following items: Tail stripper Stripping the fur off of the tail bone without damaging the fur is one of the more tricky...
    $ 49.95
  • 5/8" Push Pins

    Great for use on wooden stretchers.  
    $ 5.95
  • AuSable Brand Two Handled Doubled Edged Fleshing Knife

    AuSable Brand Double Edged, Two Handled Fleshing Knife - PcsOutdoors has partnered with Dexter Russel to bring you the ultimate in fleshing knives. Our 2 handled knife has a 13"...
    $ 89.95
  • B Grade Wiebe Elite Double Edged Fleshing Knife

    The B Grade Elite Fleshing knife functions just like the A grade, but does have minor flaws that in no way affect the performance of the knife. Made for those...
    $ 39.95
  • Basic Home Tanning Kit

    The Basic Home Tanning Kit will give you the tools and knowledge necessary to finish a hide with a beautiful hair-on or leather tan. The Basic Kit includes: A Step-By-Step...
    $ 36.95
  • Blue Nitrile Skinning Gloves

    More durable than latex, they will protect you from bacteria and keep your hands mess free. Available in box only. 1 box=50 pairs.
    $ 11.95
  • Citric Acid per LB

    Used in the tanning process to pickle skins.  Also serves as a degreaser.
    $ 4.95
  • Coarse Fur Comb

    Designed for long haired furs. Takes out dirt and burrs.
    $ 8.95
  • Critter Carrier

    Dakotaline Critter Carrier. We designed this for carrying beaver and coon. Both critters have tapered legs which makes hauling them to your vehicle very tedious. These are built for the...
    $ 4.95
  • Freedom Brand Pro Series 14" Fleshing knife

    The Freedom Brand Pro Series Fleshing Knife is excellent for beginners and high volume professional fur handlers alike.  It helps to make fleshing easier and produce top quality results.  It...
    $ 64.95
  • Fur Brushes

    A great tool for making your pelts look good for market.
    From $ 4.95
  • Fur Hanger

    Hang your furs up after drying to keep them clean and free of becoming matted.
    From $ 4.95
  • Heavy Duty Wiebe Skinning Apron

    A Very heavy duty apron for use when scraping hides or skinning.
    $ 14.95
  • Hide Tanning Formula

    Pre-mixed and ready to use. This liquid formula is perfect for deer hide tanning. Will tan hair-on to make a deerskin rug or mount, or hair-off to make buckskin leather....
    $ 8.95
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