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  • B Grade Wiebe Elite Double Edged Fleshing Knife

    The B Grade Elite Fleshing knife functions just like the A grade, but does have minor flaws that in no way affect the performance of the knife. Made for those...
    $ 39.95
  • -50%

    Book- Tingley-Professional Trappers Manual

    48 pages. V.E. Tingley's "Professional Trapper's Manual" Book covers a little bit of everything. Multiple species, multiple sets, and also scents. He tries to cover all the little but important...
    $ 6.00
    $ 3.00
  • Book-Pavek-Fox & Coyote Dirt & Snow Covering Method
    Sold Out

    Book-Pavek-Fox & Coyote Dirt & Snow Covering Method

    This book includes methods of three of the sets used on the author's trap line and can be used on any number of other sets.
    $ 7.00
    $ 3.50
  • -50%

    Book-Tingley-Advanced Fox Trapping

    26 pages. "Advanced Fox Trapping" by V. E. Tingley. Shows you methods that will enable any trapper to take fox in heavily trapped areas.
    $ 6.00
    $ 3.00
  • Book: Alstat, Coons with Conibears

    Coons With Conibears is the name of this book. It's written by Pelmar Alstat. It contains good information on trapping coon with conibears. 20 pages
    $ 3.95
  • Book: Arnold Professional Beaver and Otter Trapping

    Professional Beaver and Otter Methods Walter Arnold was born in 1894. His father Alonzo was a market hunter.. from 1850 to 1890 during the time it was legal in Maine....
    $ 2.95
  • Book: Boda; Fox Trappers Shop Manual

    The Fox Trappers Shop Manual is a classic 64 page book written by Bud Buda. Buda covers a lot of ground in this manual. The book contains a large volume...
    $ 6.00
  • Book: Boda; Land Trappers Trouble Shooting Guide

    Bud Buda is known for his large catches of canines during the fur boom of the late 1970's. This book goes into great detail. It is 87 pages in length....
    $ 6.00
  • Book: Bradley: Beaver Trapping Maine Methods

    Beaver Trapping Maine Methods is a 91 page book written by expert trapper Norm Bradley. Bradley is known for his expertise in trapping beaver under the ice. Trapping beaver under...
    $ 5.00
  • Book: Bradley: Fox Trapping Maine Methods

    44 pages of trapping the fox using Maine methods. Norm Bradley is a seasoned trapper and sets forth in this book his experience and methods for catching the fox. Included...
    $ 4.00
  • -45%

    Book: Bushy: Trapping and Handling Beaver and Otter

    This book is called Trapping and Handling Beaver and Otter. It is written by well known author Dennis Bushy. This book is nicely done as Dennis walks you through the...
    $ 8.95
    $ 4.95
  • Book: Butcher: Pro Fox Trapping

    Professional Fox Trapping is written by legendary trapper O.L. Butcher. A lot of Butchers ideas are at the foundation of modern day fox trapping techniques. He was a thinker and...
    $ 4.00
  • Book: Butcher: Wolf and Coyote Trapping

    OL Butcher is a legend in trapping communities. He passed in the early 1970's but the knowledge he gained in his career is carried on in his books. This book...
    $ 3.00
  • -50%

    Book: Clouser, Space Age Fox Trapping

    Space age Fox Trapping is written by John Clouser. John is well known for his trapping expertise. This book was written in 1967. It is 59 pages and has lots...
    $ 6.00
    $ 3.00
  • -38%

    Book: Clouser: Space-Age Beaver and Otter Trapping

    Space - Age Beaver and Otter Trapping is a 41 page book written by John Clouser. The book is nicely done and offers some very good information. The nature of...
    $ 7.95
    $ 4.95
  • -40%

    Book: Coon Trappers Bible

    The Raccoon Trappers Bible by Guy Johnson is a book that does a good job in covering the aspects of coon trapping. Johnson describes and illustrates various sets using different...
    $ 5.00
    $ 3.00
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