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BAD COMPANY - A rattle snake based call lure that grabs their attention and makes them dig. Not a foul smelling lure but definitely strong enough to work in the coldest...
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BAD COMPANY - A rattle snake based call lure that grabs their attention and makes them dig. Not a foul smelling lure but definitely strong enough to work in the coldest of weather. This lure is a combination food and curiosity and proven and tested for many years. Can be used with good bait and urine but shines by its self at the same time. Coyote trappers can put full confidence in this lure as well as fox and cat men. Flat sets, dirt holes and walk through's.


BEAVER GLAND LURE - I don’t buy castor that has been dried like most beaver lures.  Instead, I use fresh castor and oil sacks and grind and preserve them immediately.  Blended thick and oily with a certain sweet musk that is not often used in a castor lure.  I make part of my living killing beaver and this lure has always been part of the job.  It is good for any type of set for open water traps and snares and good any time of the year.  Bobcats love it and I am never without it during cat season. 

BOBCAT GLAND LURE - Fresh glands and urine are taken from western bobcats.  I preserve my bobcat gland lure fresh and make it thick and rich to give it a real pungent cat odor.  Besides bobcat, fox, coyote, mountain lion, and dry-land coon are attracted to it. 

CANINE 14 - When I designed this lure I was working over coyotes when the temperatures were warm.  It is a horse meat based food lure with musk only found out west.  Canine #14 is not loud yet not mild either.  Tested and proven across the country and a very good call lure all year around.  A favorite when used with good urine at flat and dirt hole sets.

CARCASS WASTELAND - A very good food based lure for all predators.  It is a stout lure that continues to work for months but has no skunk essence in it.  Made for dirt holes and flat sets during fall and winter months.

COON SKINNER - A thick paste food lure for coon, canines, and cats.  Your first smell is shellfish, but under that is food and musk odors that meat eaters can’t be without.  I love this lure at all types of coon sets and now down in the D.P. traps.  I’ve had many surprise bobcats half in and half out of the water with a 1-1/2 coil on its foot and fox and coyote at dirt hole sets. 

COYOTE GLAND LURE - A natural smelling lure not rotted and full of chemicals like some.  A worthless gland lure will spook more coyotes than it will catch.  If you top off a good set with my Coyote Gland Lure, you can leave it with full confidence.  It is thick and long lasting and made from Montana coyote glands and urine collected by myself from a female that was in heat.

DAMAGE STOPPER - A deadly beaver lure made thick and long lasting.  Only the best castors and oil sacks are used along with a good amount of food items that beavers crave.  Good on muskrat and coon, too.  Many times all that is needed is a lured stick on the shore with a trap in front barely covered with water to take out toe pinched beaver that are mound shy from previous trappers.

DOUBLE NO TROUBLE-A loud and penetrating food lure designed for dirt hole and flat sets. It’s excellent on all canines and cats and also good on raccoon and pine marten. Has a thick base and lasts at a set for months. Good in warm weather or cold with many miles of trap line under its belt. This will not freeze in 0-degree weather and thickens up the colder it gets. Double No Trouble is quickly becoming a favorite of mine. It is for any trapper serious about coyote and fox trapping, yet works equally well on bobcats. This is one of my best food call lures.

M.L.C Modified
A sweet and oily lure that sets into a nice paste during cold weather. It is a little brother to my Montana Long Call only it has a light skunk odor with several different musks added to set them apart. Deadly on canines and cats. Good at any type of flat, dirthole and walk through sets. one of my personal favorites for all year long use. Only thing I use with this lure is good urine.


MONTANA LONG CALL - A thick, loud and long reaching call lure deadly on all predators from marten to wolf and my favorite for fox, coyote, and cats.  Very few call lures keep their skunk odor for more than a few days or weeks, but Montana Long Call lasts for months.  I kill coyotes 12 months a year with this one and I use it at ¾ of my bobcat sets.  It is excellent in the brush when snaring.  Many marten trappers are using it. Any type set, including post sets, and any time of year including dead of summer.

MUSKRAT TAKER - A superior muskrat call lure for any open water trapping.  This is made with the finest plump spring rat glands and a few good essential oils.  It is sweet and musky and long lasting.  Thousands of rats have been taken with it over the years along with a pile of coon and beaver.

NATURAL BORN KILLER - A food based lure with gland and sexual odors added to make a thick and deadly paste for coyote and fox.  A great lure for starting a new line or livening up an old one.

OLD FORMULA COON LURE - Deadly, deadly, deadly on the little grizzly, deadly on cat, deadly on fox, deadly on coyote, and probably deadly on anything else. Fish based with some of the most expensive essential oils money can buy. I cut no corners with this lure and only genuine materials are used. No imitation this and no synthetic that, or I won’t make it. Coon killer anytime of the year and if it’s zero out and the coon are running like they do here in Montana during breeding season, they get into trouble with Old Formula Coon Lure. Surprisingly, muskrat work it, too. I’ve hung up many a lion in the willow bottoms with this coon lure and need my coon traps anchored good and better on bobcat than most bobcat lures being sold.

OLD RELIABLE - A mild gland based call lure that hammers bobcat and lion and is awfully good on fox, coyote, coon, mink and marten. Used at any type set this lure puts fur on stretchers and is a favorite of many good trappers, especially the ones who don’t care to use loud smelling lures.  I even once had a friend who used his finger to smear it on his cat sets; all I could do was shake my head because he caught cats and plenty of them. This was the first lure that I ever developed that actually worked “30 some years ago”. My mom came up with the name. Old Reliable will always hold a special place in my heart.

OLD TIMER FORMULA COYOTE LURE - This coyote formula is as old as the hills and not easy to make, but if you are a coyote trapper you will want to have this with you.  All coyote parts used in this lure were cut by myself and from Montana coyotes taken in the winter months.  Carefully aged at the right temperature and supremely blended.

RED FOX GLAND - I make this lure from wild red fox glands taken from my line here in Montana.  I use an old formula that was handed down to me by one of the best fox trappers in the west.  Excellent on all predators.  

ROCKY MOUNTAIN RUB LURE - A deadly cat lure that makes cats work a set.  A deadly mixture of glands and oils that continues to work through the worst of weather conditions. Dry heat, wet rain, and freezing cold have no ill effect on it.  To be used a foot up off the ground at cat sets because of the rubbing and rolling response that you get from the cats.  Also darn good on fox and coyote when used at dirt holes and flat sets.

SUCKER PUNCH - As fine a food and curiosity lure as you will find.  Has a thick, strong, and lingering odor that lasts for months at a set.  Many a dead line have been woke up with it and excellent when used with urine.  Mainly a coyote lure but fox and bobcats have shown interest over the years. 

SUPER CAT - A grease based call lure that nails all cats and canines.  Period.  Use up high as a call lure or right at the set.  Excellent when used six inches to a foot away from a milder gland type lure or bait.  Fox and coyote work sets hard when Super Cat is used at canine sets.  Marten won’t leave it alone either.

TAINTED LOVE (Limited Supply) - A Roy Kuykendall Coyote Yeast Formula Lure.  I have been using this deadly gland call for several years.  The testimonials are endless from customers that have tested it. Thick and well aged.  Very potent comes to mind with the first whiff.  It is also a heck of a good lure for fox, wolves, big tom bobcat and mountain lion.  Works very good in combination with all of my baits.  I wouldn't hesitate to use this deadly lure at any set known to mankind or any time of year.  Developed by an old-school wolfer of the past and carried on to the future.


WATER LINE CALL - Castor based lure with a far reaching mint odor added. It’s deadly on beaver and good on rats and coon.  It is a thick and very pleasant smelling lure.  Water Line Call is also attractive to bobcat and pine marten and more than once I’ve held big tom bobcats on beaver dams with it.  Any beaver man doing control work should have a jar of Water Line Call. 


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