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  • Aluminum Sleeves
    Engineered to work on aircraft cable.  Use to make drowner cables, snare extensions, or cable stakes.
  • Aluminum Stops
    Engineered to work on aircraft cable.  Use on ends of cable when making snares.
  • Wire, 9 Gauge Wire
    Specially annealed, to soften the wire so it is not brittle. This wire works excellent for snare supports, drowner wires, and attaching traps. 3.5lb roll is approx. 62ft long 10lb...
  • Berkshire Disposable Stakes
    The first truly disposable earth anchor system available. The Berkshire Disposable Stake end is the least expensive and lightest staking system on the market. Can be used on traps or...
  • Wolf Fang Disposable Stakes
    Wolf Fang Earth Anchors have a large surface area and are tough enough to be used in all soil conditions.
  • Dakotaline Coyote Snares
    One dozen Coyote Snares made from 84" of 3/32nd cable. These snares feature the following: -A rugged reuseable Blackdog Mini-camlock -Poly support collar designed to fit #9 or #11 support...
  • Dakotaline Trap & Snare Dip Dakotaline Trap & Snare Dip
    Sold Out
    Dakotaline Trap & Snare Dip
    I've worked on this product for close to 7 years. I gave up a couple times in the process. I am confident that I have a product that you will...
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  • 7X7 Korean Cable
    Available in either standard galvanized cable or dyed Ghost Rider cable. Korean cable is very straight. 3/64-Good for mink, rabbits, and squirrels 1/16-Good for bobcats, mink, and other smaller game. ...
  • 1X19 Korean Cable
    Available only in standard galvanized cable. Korean cable is very straight. 1/16-Good for bobcats, mink, and other smaller game.   Breaking Strength- 500 LBS 5/64-Good for coyotes, cats, raccoons, and beaver.  Breaking...
  • #1 Duke 2-Coil Spring Trap
    The #1 Duke 2-Coil Spring Trap has a 4" jaw spread. Duke recommends this trap for use in taking Muskrat, Mink, Raccoon and similar varmints.
  • Dakotaline Breakaway Devices
    The #285 breakaway comes in either a S or J-Hook Style. The #350 comes in either a S or J-Hook Style. The #525 is only available in an S-Hook style. Choose...
  • Bridger Coilspring Traps
  • Snare Extensions
    Dakotaline Snare extensions allow you to easily tie off to trees or a fence post. 2 Fixed loops, one on each end.  Add an extension to our Deathblow Dispatch Snare...
  • Black Steel Stops
    Easy to pound on, fits 3/32 diameter and smaller cable. Has threads on the inside to grip the cable. No swager needed- just pound them on with a hammer!
  • Duke Body Traps
    Body Grip Traps    Jaw Spread Target Animals #110  4.5"  Mink, Muskrat, Weasel #110 Magnum 4.5"  Mink, Muskrat, Weasel #120 4.5" Marten, Mink, Muskrat #155 5" Raccoons, Marten, Fisher, Muskrats #160...
  • Poly Support Collar
    Use with 9 or 11 gauge wire.  Supports your snare.
  • Dakotaline Deathblow Dispatch Compression Spring
    Deadly Snare for Cats and Coyotes  84” of 5/64, 7x7 Cable  Deathblow Cam Lock  50 lb. Compression Dispatch Spring  285 lb. S-Breakaway  Poly Support Collar  Heavy 9 gauge Swivel   
  • Lure-Weiser Western Lures
    BAD COMPANY - A rattle snake based call lure that grabs their attention and makes them dig. Not a foul smelling lure but definitely strong enough to work in the coldest...
  • 9 Gauge Snare Swivels
    Our swivels are machine made. This means that we use a hard steel that equates into the toughest snare swivel on the market. You'll be able to use these over...
  • Dakotaline Coyote Urine
    The Urines we sell are the urines we use. They meet our standards and are confident they will produce the the results you want.
  • Dakotaline Red Fox Urine
    Our urines are possibly the best on the market. They come from meat fed critters and are very, very clean. They are strained twice. You can store our urines in...
  • Annealed Nuts
    Annealed nuts are great for cable ends on snares, cable stakes, or drowners.  Just pound on with a hammer. Sold per 100. #6-Fits 3/64" up to 3/32" cable #8-Fits 3/64"...
  • Logwood Dye, per pound
    Red powder that turns black when mixed with water. Removes light rust and turns traps a dark black color. Works as well as black dye and is considerably cheaper. Instructions:...
  • Preprinted Copper Tags
    Machine printed for fast service. Each tag order must have the same wording. Up to 3 lines and 20 spaces per line. When you are viewIng your "SHOPPING CART", you...
  • 6 Gauge J-hooks
    DakotaLine rivets are the heaviest rivets on the market.
  • SleepEZ Springhooks
    Durable, zinc plated Sleep EZ springhooks have many uses on the line. Connect traps to drowners, connect snares to extensions, and many more. Use any Sleep EZ springhook with confidence...
  • Redman Snare Tool
    I am never without this tool when running snares. Speed isthe key and the Redman Snare tool makes this possible. Agrooved notch in the end fits either 9 or 11...
  • Deathblow Camlocks
    No backing off when the Deathblow comes down.  A small aggressive toothed lock that is hardened and plated black.  Assisted with a dispatch spring, the Deathblow camlock is designed to...
  • Snare Washers per 100
    Attach between snare swivel and end stop, keeps swivel off the stop allowing a smooth swiveling action.
  • 8" Cable Cutter
    An economy cable cutter that will give you good clean cuts on snare cable up to 3/32nd in size. Great for on the line or in the shop. Drop forged...
  • Wolf Fang Driver
    Freedom Brand Wolf Fang Earth Anchor Drivers are custom made for use with Wolf Fang earth anchors and are available in two styles.  The standard driver is 24" long and...
  • Blackdog Lopro Snare Locks
      DakotaLine low profile snare locks. These relaxing locks are small. fast, and tough as nails. This will be the last lock you'll ever use. Excellent on coon, beaver, coyotes,...
  • Quick Links
    Made of 3/16" steel, jaw opens 1/4" and the working load limit is up to 440 pounds. This connector can typically be used with your gloves on. It is great...
  • DVD-Steck-100,000 Miles of Coyote Snaring
    In 1983 I moved to South Dakota because of high canine densities. I’ve never looked back. Since starting Dakotaline Snares I have worked with many people learning to snare coyotes. I...
  • Cold Creek XXX Fish Oil
    “Comes from one specie of fish from the Pacific ocean. This is not the standard fish oil found in the trapping industry., one whiff and you will understand the quality....
  • Dakotaline Versatile Snares
    Our 60" versatile snare is a good on about any critter from coon to coyote. It's fast and tough and as with any DakotaLine snare, it's LOADED FOR SPEED. *60"...
  • Dispatch Springs
    Choose between the 25lb or 50lb Compression Spring or the 20lb and the 40lb Mini-Torq Dispatch Spring.
  • Dakotaline Alaskan Salmon Oil
    100% pure salmon oil. Salmon oil is excellent for use in trapping raccoons, and mink. Often times I will use it on canines too. Apply the oil around sets and near sets...
  • Rebar Stakes
    Use in water or on land.
  • Plastic Bottles
    Great for storing homemade baits and lures.
  • Cold Creek Write-On Trap Tags
    These are made out of zinc. To write on these you simply use a pen or pencil to emboss your data onto the soft metal of the tag. Zinc does not rust or...
  • Berkshire 18" T-Top Driver
    Slide the berkshire stake on to the pointed end drive in the ground, give a tug to "set" the stake and go.
  • Bridger Body Gripper Traps
    The Bridger Body Grip has strong springs and a magnum style jaw. 110-4.5" Jaw Spread Single Spring 120-4.5" Jaw Spread Double Spring 150-5" Jaw Spread Single Spring 155-5" Jaw Spread...
  • Dakotaline Lopro Deer Stops per 100
    Very easy to apply, a tiny aluminum stop.
  • Wiebe Boss Dog Scalpel Knife with 24 replacement blades
    Peel those critters with a surgeon's knife.  No skinner on the planet is sharper.  When the blade goes dull, snap on a new one.  Soft, comfortable handle, makes fur handling...
  • Standard Tail Ripper
    The tail ripper is designed to zip a slot down the tail. This makes pulling the tail easier and also opens the tail leather up to the air to allow...
  • Flake Anti-freeze
    Either mix with dry dirt or layer the anti-freeze as you make your set to help keep your traps operating in freezing weather.
  • Duke Dog Proof Trap
    Duke has introduced a dog proof trap. It is a replica of the Lil' Griz trap. These traps are fast and effective. They work extremely well with sheep wool underneath...
  • Cold Creek Super Swivel
    Heavy duty swivel that will stand up to the nastiest coyotes.
  • Twist On Universal Support Collars
    Designed to be used with cable sizes from 1/16"-1/8"
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